Girl Sheep

Sweets ,Millie & Raven!

August 2019

Raven is a big girl now! She’s been staying in the office with me because she arrived with an injury. She needed some rest and now she’s working on moving outside. She’s feeling pretty spunky!


July 2019
Millie, Sweets and little Raven helping mow the lawn!


June 2019

The girls are so fun! Both are very active and happily mowing the lawn around the house for us! They were a little sleepy the other morning…


June 2019

The girls finally got their shearing day last week! They are sporting short wool and all set for summer. We have a little bell on Millie now so Sweets does not lose track of her. Millie is a wonderful guide for Sweets though. Always watching out for her and waiting if she gets behind. Even going back for her if she’s worried or lost.

Sweets is exploring now too. They had a quieter home with Deb so the noises and activity level is different. She’s getting brave and yesterday walked from their little house, out the gate and all the way to the front yard- on her own! She looked so proud of herself. Millie waited by the house. I think she wanted a nap? Once she decided Sweets was staying out for a bite to eat she hustled over to be by her. They are such wondrous creatures!


Two beautiful sheep who are moved in and stealing our hearts! Their owner loved them so much but due to life circumstances is being forced to downsize her flock. Sweets and Millie are East Fresian sheep with a background that has a cross- thus the black fleeces. Gorgeousness!


Sweets is six years old and blind. She can see shadows though so does not bump into things. Millie is almost one year old and has a crooked front leg. She is Sweets’ guide through life. They are very devoted to each other. Keep an eye out for more pictures and stories about them as they settle in. Keep a good thought for their owner too ok? She’s very heartbroken.


Zippy the three legged office cat!

July 2019
It is waaay too hot outside so Zippy says let’s nap!


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Last fall a tiny kitten got her leg caught somewhere and smooshed it while struggling to get out. Her paw was severely damaged so her leg had to be removed. SO, Zippy became the office kitten! She grew up keeping me company while I worked on the computer and terrorizing the Pyrs.


Now she is a sassy, grown up cat who still terrorizes the Pyrs! This is her favorite blanket full of ghosties my Mom sent her.


She loves wool!


She plys yarn for me!


And occasionally even catches a mouse! Go Zippy!



April 2019

We are so lucky! We had two bottle lambs to add to our flock. It was still cold outside so they lived in the house with us. Zippy LOVED those lambs? She’s such a fun cat- the lambs put up with her but were not sure what she was about!

April 2019


May 2019

Zippy is enjoying warmer days. She thinks I don’t notice her sneaking out the back door when I let the dogs in and out? Cracks me up! She spends a few hours outside playing with her friends. Then dashes in for a bite to eat and a good long nap. If I’m lucky she’ll saunter into the office to ‘help’ me spin yarn.

She also goes outside to check on her lambs. Oliver and Maxwell moved outside to be big sheep about a month ago. She really misses them. I’ve seen her go up in their pasture to check on them. It is so sweet.


Hooray for naps in one’s favorite woolie bed!

Greer and Catriona!

August 2019

Pretty fleeces from Greer and Catriona!

Catriona’s Blue Faced Leicester cross (Mule sheep)

Catriona’s Blue Faced Leicester cross (Mule sheep)

Greer’s Scottish Black Face wool- all washed up!

Greer’s Scottish Black Face wool- all washed up!

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It’s so amazingly fun to be a retirement farm for sheep! The animals here just take my breath away every day.

Our latest retirees are from our friends Graham & Margaret’s flock. You can read more about their place here- they have an awesome bed and breakfast with pastures full of sheeps!)

Greer is a Scottish Blackface and Catriona is a Mule sheep (Bluefaced Leicester cross). Both are hardy sheep and have been a blessing for our flock in many ways. Beautiful fleeces AND they are very active. Making use of the entire pasture gets our sheep out and about much more. Follow the leader! ha! I’ll post more info soon! Meanwhile here they are-


November 2018

Our girls are fitting into the flock quite well. They are very independent and have been a great influence on our flock. Wandering through the days waaaay out in the big pasture, napping in the sun on the hillside and checking in at bed time to sleep outside instead of in the barn. For now anyway.

Scottish Blackface Sheep wool is used almost exclusively for Harris Tweed products. You can read more about them here…

They have quite a versatile fleece that is coarse but features scrumptious long curls. Personally I love to add SBF wool to softer wool for very sturdy socks and mittens. It is similar to adding Flax to wool. It is very low lanolin content so quite easy to wash. The locks are perfect for Santa Beards and doll hair. They also felt easily and soak up dye like a sponge.


February 2019


Our Puppy family!

September 2019



August 2019

Milo and Teagan love a good nap!


Teagan had her summer haircut a few weeks ago! She has some skin issues so we do keep her trimmed up short. It’s more comfy for her in the summer too. Too humid out there!


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We certainly love animals and what household or farm would be complete with out a few dogs? Ha! We have several Great Pyrenees and a Border Collie. None are working dogs in the usual sense but they do have their jobs- besides entertaining us! 

Noodle is our 12 year old Border Collie. She is as busy as can be but was born deaf. We taught her sign language. She does do a little herding with me but only to move the suris out of the back yard when they are done mowing. She keeps a good eye on Jim. He is HER person!


Teagan is a Great Pyrenees. She was a stray some years back and ended up at the shelter Mom walks dogs for. Teagan is wonderful, loves to watch the world from her favorite spot on the back porch during the day then sleep inside at night. She loves me best. Specially when there are noisy storms. I think she is so afraid of them because she was a stray for a while? There could not be a better dog! 


Milo is a Great Pyrenees we went to Southern Illinois to pick up. He was not in a very good situation. He is definitely Jim's dog. Sometimes he needs to be reminded it's ok for us all to live together though. Stinker! He has a funky jaw so his tongue hangs out most of the time. Too cute for his own good right? He spends his time with Teagan watching the world go by from his favorite place in the little pasture. Then he sleeps inside. He is very sweet and I adore him!


And last but certainly not least is Fletcher aka Puppy. He has quite a story! He lived his first months on the streets with his homeless owner. The fellow decided he could not care for the puppy properly so brought him to the shelter Mom volunteers for. Of course who could say no specially me. Hi name was Jim but since my husband's name is Jim that would not work. We kept calling him Puppy then named him Fletcher. SO, he answers to Puppy or Fletcher. Kind of like having a middle name. He loves me best and spends his days anywhere I am. Love it! 


November 2018

Even though our Pyrs spend the night sleeping inside, they are very adamant the bad guys (coyotes and dogs traveling with them) stay on their own side of the fence. They bark and bark, which is what Pyrs do! They love being outside, specially if there is snow to roll and play in. I hope we get snow this winter. We’ve been getting ice instead for about 10 winters now. Took a few spills myself that gave me a few concussions. I do not need repeat! AND I don’t want any of the critters- or Jim- to break bones on the ice either. Here is Milo rolling in snow a few winters ago: (snow angels!)


April 2019

We had a chance to adopt two bottle lambs this winter. It was too cold so they lived inside with us for a bit. Our Pyr Milo is so so attached to them. He watches over the lambs outside and they follow him everywhere he goes. (Thinking the lambs could have some identity issues?!)


Our Suri Alpacas!

August 2019

Howdy do? Spice says hello!


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A few months back life changes forced a friend to reduce her flock of alpacas. I am still so sad for her. I am also happy though- because I am selfish. We've never had Suri Alpacas. They are so sweet! Much smaller than our llamas! They are quiet and love attention. Brooke's friend Teagon even lets me hug her! (well, she will occasionally come over to be scratched- and put her head on my shoulder!)

Brooke is a gorgeous color of dark fawn. It has a reddish tone to it and the locks are from 4 to 10 inches long, depending on which part of the fleece they are from. It is silky soft and so so pretty! Just like Brooke! (She is standing closest to me/fence in this photo)


The suri girls are so sweet! They are very interested in what is going on all about the farm. We are getting the sheep ready for winter right now. The gals and their little group of senior citizen sheep are sharing the old dairy barn with the big group of sheep. We got their part of the barn ready and bribed them with their dinner grain to follow us over. Everyone went except two sheep- Trillium and Theo. Stinkers! One suri also stayed back with the two sheep. Spice.

She’s the alert suri. Specially in the middle of the night? I’ve trooped out to see what is going on only to find our Big Kitty tom cat snoozing in the old Maple tree, just out of her reach. Such taunting right? The suris are not too keen on cats. They do chase them out of their pasture. Yikes!

Spice would NOT leave the little pasture until all of her sheep were out. Then she quietly led them to the other gate and walked the sheep in. Good girl! She’s very attached to her sheep. Theo and Trillium were the wayward sheep. This is a picture of Trilli, you can read about her here… And Theo here…


Our Romedale/CVM sheep!

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Fall 2017 found a gal in need of a place for 7 of her Romedale/CVM sheep girls to retire. It was a difficult decision for her. We are very happy to have them here, we have never had this breed of sheep! They are beautiful! 


They've had a few months to settle in and get to know us, and us them. They are always ready for grain so that is a great start! They have moved in with the big group of sheep now that we know we can catch them. They are quite tame but we have to be sure. It's hard to move when a sheep's lived in the same place with the same person all its life. Sheep are not great with change, I think that is why we get along so well? HA! 

I'm looking forward to working with their wool this spring. It is soft and gorgeous, feels a little bouncy too? For now you can read more about them here...

We'll be adding more information about them soon! 

1/18:  The girls are gorgeous, adorable (of course!) and getting used to us. Here is a photo of Comfort. She is the lamb who rode along to our place. She will be one year old soon. Time goes so quickly past.  

Comfort, complete with a photo bomb by Mayhem!

Comfort, complete with a photo bomb by Mayhem!

I asked Kim to put names to this picture of her CVM girls. Now I can finish memorizing faces and names! They are all such special peanuts! 


I'll be giving each of the girls their own page soon. Keep an eye out! Several of their fleeces are for sale- don't miss them. I'm having trouble sharing!!! Fleeces available here...

August 2018

I haven't had a chance to spin any of the girls fleeces but thought I would post a few photos. Sorting it out was fun, such soft and pretty wool- soft as Merino with a little bounce to it. 



COMFORT (baby fleece)

COMFORT (baby fleece)





10-2018 Comfort’s two ply yarn- a fun adventure for me, I’ve never seen or spun from a CVM fleece until the girls joined our flock. The yarn is Merino soft with a bit of bounce- great sock yarn or any other project!


February 2019



August 2019

Beautiful fiber available from our pretty girl!

Ooh la la Chaquita Llama!

Ooh la la Chaquita Llama!


Chaquita is a funny llama, she arrived to retire here from a good friend of ours. She was always busy spitting at them and generally being an ingrate. She came here and we gave her a job watching over some sheep. Since then, she has been much more polite, but if you hear her working on something- DUCK! she has some deadly aim! 

Chaquita lives with our little herd of llamas now. She used to watch over our small group of special needs sheep. However, her best friend (boy friend?) Max convinced her to jump the fence to live with the llamas? Stinkers. She's been happy there ever since. Never far from Max and sassy as ever. 

Chaquita's fleece is soft and pretty. White with some brown spots here and there. I love the little spot on her face. She is older now and her hair does not grow back as fast so we shear her every other year. She still gets her shots, toenails trimmed and a good looking over when we shear the others though. She has such cute banana ears don't you think? I love her sassy attitude too...

2018 updates:

Ms. Chaquita has decided she likes to be a llama, free to be a llama? She used to watch a few goats we had in the past. She loved them. She tried to put them to bed every night. She thought they should sleep in the cabin. Unfortunately, there are two doors on the cabin. The people door in front and a goatie door on the side. 

She rounded them up at sunlight. Herded them into the front door. She stood in the door to keep them in. Then the goats would zip out of the other door and run around behind her. She really got ticked after about 10 times around! After a while they would do what she wanted them to- but on their terms. Only after dark! 


Sunshine & Mario!

June 2019

Sunshine and Mario are doing well this summer. The only thing I wish is Sunshine would stop hopping through the barn window? Into the side of the barn we are not using right now? Stinker! I have to listen really hard for her so I know when she is over there. She can’t get back out of the window so needs a door person. They are definitely older sheep now but the Shetlands never lose their spunk!

Twins!!! Two teeny black Shetland lambs I purchased from a friend. They were both bottle lambs so are very tame and very happy to see treats! They are about the size of a small springer spaniel so makes them look like miniatures--but they did eventually grow. And as usual, once they got to go out with the 'big' sheep, they promptly forgot about me. They are naughty, silly little scamps who won't even come close to me now? Sigh. Friends tell me that means I raised good sheep and did my job well. I would rather hug and smooch them up though. 

The Shetlands take almost 2 years to finish growing. Sunshine & Mario both have beautiful bay black fleeces, locks of 3+ inches and a bit of cinnamon color on the tips of the locks from the sun. Sunshine and Mario are always up for a good game of chase and tag- or king of the dirt pile! 

They are aging well, teenagers by our standards. :0) 

Read more about Shetland sheep here...

2017 update: This little Sunshine girl is non-stop silly! She has a 'secret' door to the barn now. It's called hopping through a window to get in, then unable to jump back out? We have to go let her back outside because the side of the barn she hops into is not in use by the sheep in the summer. Oops! 

Sunshine and Mario designed a crazy quilt yarn for me to spin! As much fun to spin as they are to watch!

Sunshine and Mario designed a crazy quilt yarn for me to spin! As much fun to spin as they are to watch!

2018 updates:

Mario is still family with his twin sister Sunshine. Both are sassy as they should be. And into any shenanigans they can find to get into! (As every Shetland sheep should be- spunky!)

Their favorite is to jump into the barn through open windows. It's no problem. UNLESS they end up in the part of the barn sectioned off for summer. They do this every single day. Little mountain goats! ha!



June 2019

Pipi and her friends had their haircuts in April and the weather has been humid since. So glad they are all ready for it! She is one of our senior citizens now but is spunky like Jacobs always are. She has a little arthritis in her spin at the base of her neck. Her ‘withers’ (like a horse has where the saddle sits?) are probably the culprit. She was born with a deformity in that area but it has not bothered her much til the past few years. Will start her on arthritis supplements and see how she does. She’s a very sweet old girl!

Pipi is a wonderful, sassy Jacob sheep we adopted from friends as a lamb. She was the smallest baby on the place til Sunshine and Mario made it on the scene. Pippy is a lilac color that is gorgeous and she loves to play with the other Jacob and Shetland sheep. She is very adventurous and loves to jump and hop about--oh, and apple treats for sure! 

Pipi's wool is soft with a lean to medium. Her fleece is lilac colored with locks 3 inches long with variations in color and spots. Too cool! 

Read more about Jacob sheep here...

Her best friends are Jonte, Sunshine and Mario. They spend time outsmarting us when we try to catch them for health checks or foot trims. One window in the barn is broken so all four will jump in and out the window to avoid us. Stinkers to be sure. Typical Shetland and Jacob sheep! 

August 2018

Pipi is such a cute little peanut! Always there to check pockets for Fruit Loops but not into hugs. When I sit out in the pasture, she is always there to listen while I read books to them. They love detective novels or history. Specially about Abraham Lincoln and Nicolo Paganini. She keeps company with her Jonte- another Jacob in our little flock. Read more about Jonte...



June 2019

Summer is here and humidity abounds! Penny is prancing about with her new haircut and into shenanigans like always. I love her spirit. She’s still holding a grudge for my making her wear a tutu though. Even though she was a bottle baby she’s quite aloof- unless there are treats involved of course. She is a hoot!


You may all know Penny the Jacob sheep already? She is our bottle lamb this year (2012) and she spent the first 6 weeks in the house while we found another lamb to keep her company. She tore around here in diapers, up and down the stairs, and slept on the couch! She is outside being a big sheep now- and I cried when I moved her outside. I miss her! She has a new friend now- Mayhem- a beautiful Blue Face Leicester lamb. Penny now thinks she doesn't need me, unless there is something amiss. She was not too pleased on shearing day once she figured out what was going on! She STILL would not let me too close- what a silly little snot! 

I think she's going to hold a life long grudge against me for making her wear a tutu when she was a baby. Oopsie! I think her 'brother' Mayhem teases her about it?

Read more about Jacob sheep here...


Little Penny is still her sweet, sorta naughty self! She hangs around with Gentleman Gilbert the most. Mayhem has gotten so much bigger and he is a dufus. Who plays too rough head butting with the other sheep boys. SO, Gilbert is a bit calmer, more easy going. Penny can still be silly but not get bowled over!  Read about Gilbert...

Our Gilbert- a California Red Sheep!

Our Gilbert- a California Red Sheep!


We are so naughty when it comes to a sheep needing retirement from the McNair flock! Carla came to live with us recently, she is so beautiful! A silver to dark brown Romney sheep with next to the skin soft wool that features 4 inch locks. The crimp is loose and wavey. 

Her best friend is Avi. They retired here at the same time. They are shyer than most of our sheep but that's ok. Happy sheep is our numero uno 'rule'!


Carla is getting older now- booo. She is still very sweet and loves her friend Avi. (Read more about Avi)

She's learned how fun it is to play hide and seek-specially when I have the camera out! Avi is the opposite. She loves the camera. They spend their days sunning, grazing in the pasture and just enjoying life. 

Her fleece is beautiful!