Unwashed (Raw) Animal-Friendly Wool! 

The sheep work very hard, sorting through each fleece (aka skirting) to be sure you only receive the best part of each fleece. Our sheep are encouraged to live happy, carefree lives so please know that the fleece we offer are rarely from covered or coated sheep. You may occasionally find bits of 'evidence' of what they had for breakfast (mainly hay salad) or what their llama friend may have spit at them during a 'spat' (haha!). Most will have some natural fading on the tips of the wool from sun bathing--something the sheep adore all summer long! Some fleeces from our friends flock may have a little more debris as the ewes often lay quietly while their babies sleep on the mama's backs to have a nice warm nap--all in a sheepy day! 

However, we work very hard to only send you the best portions of each fleece--no poop, no 'stinker' fleeces to be sure! I have been the victim of a few of those in my time and strive to prevent that happening to you. I also send extra fiber in case something escapes my fleece sorting so you always have usable fiber that is the least work possible--and I represent our fiber as honestly as possible with pictures and words. 

We are also happy to wash wool for you- check it out!

We offer wool and fiber year round. Don't see what you need on the website? Just contact the sheep - we'll have you set up in a jiffy!

Our very first sheep ever- Woolamina the Suffolk sheep (aka Mina!)

Our very first sheep ever- Woolamina the Suffolk sheep (aka Mina!)

Sandy & Jim Ryan
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