Zippy the three legged office cat!

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Last fall a tiny kitten got her leg caught somewhere and smooshed it while struggling to get out. Her paw was severely damaged so her leg had to be removed. SO, Zippy became the office kitten! She grew up keeping me company while I worked on the computer and terrorizing the Pyrs.


Now she is a sassy, grown up cat who still terrorizes the Pyrs! This is her favorite blanket full of ghosties my Mom sent her.


She loves wool!


She plys yarn for me!


And occasionally even catches a mouse! Go Zippy!



April 2019

We are so lucky! We had two bottle lambs to add to our flock. It was still cold outside so they lived in the house with us. Zippy LOVED those lambs? She’s such a fun cat- the lambs put up with her but were not sure what she was about!