Sunshine & Mario!

June 2019

Sunshine and Mario are doing well this summer. The only thing I wish is Sunshine would stop hopping through the barn window? Into the side of the barn we are not using right now? Stinker! I have to listen really hard for her so I know when she is over there. She can’t get back out of the window so needs a door person. They are definitely older sheep now but the Shetlands never lose their spunk!

Twins!!! Two teeny black Shetland lambs I purchased from a friend. They were both bottle lambs so are very tame and very happy to see treats! They are about the size of a small springer spaniel so makes them look like miniatures--but they did eventually grow. And as usual, once they got to go out with the 'big' sheep, they promptly forgot about me. They are naughty, silly little scamps who won't even come close to me now? Sigh. Friends tell me that means I raised good sheep and did my job well. I would rather hug and smooch them up though. 

The Shetlands take almost 2 years to finish growing. Sunshine & Mario both have beautiful bay black fleeces, locks of 3+ inches and a bit of cinnamon color on the tips of the locks from the sun. Sunshine and Mario are always up for a good game of chase and tag- or king of the dirt pile! 

They are aging well, teenagers by our standards. :0) 

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2017 update: This little Sunshine girl is non-stop silly! She has a 'secret' door to the barn now. It's called hopping through a window to get in, then unable to jump back out? We have to go let her back outside because the side of the barn she hops into is not in use by the sheep in the summer. Oops! 

Sunshine and Mario designed a crazy quilt yarn for me to spin! As much fun to spin as they are to watch!

Sunshine and Mario designed a crazy quilt yarn for me to spin! As much fun to spin as they are to watch!

2018 updates:

Mario is still family with his twin sister Sunshine. Both are sassy as they should be. And into any shenanigans they can find to get into! (As every Shetland sheep should be- spunky!)

Their favorite is to jump into the barn through open windows. It's no problem. UNLESS they end up in the part of the barn sectioned off for summer. They do this every single day. Little mountain goats! ha!