Pirate and Coco Bean!

October 2019

Pirate is all grown up!


Pirate on the back porch!

Pirate on the back porch!

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Coco Bean and Pirate arrived as bottle lambs in Spring 2017. I was feeling a bit sad because some of my old sheep had passed on- the babies arrived to cheer me up! And it works! 

Coco Bean!

Coco Bean!

We bought them from a farm nearby. They are Cotswold sheep with dark black fleeces. Coco Bean has more floofy locks, Pirate has defined curls. Ooh la la! I cannot wait to spin their fleeces in the spring. They are pitch black with cinnamon tips from the sun. We considered putting jackets on them for winter to keep hay out of the wool. The bigger sheep have no worry about where they eat their hay? Right over the top of smaller sheep??? 



However, we decided no jackets because Coco Bean and Pirate have such long wool. I was worried more about the wool felting right on the sheep than some hay. They are bunking with the special needs group for now so they get the grain they need to help them grow. I also want them bigger before they join the large group of sheep. 

They were almost weaned from their bottles when they arrived but have been living as yard sheep the entire time. They take turns 'shunning' me. Ignoring me and acting like they don't need me. Then they change their minds and are all chummy. Works for me! 

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Coco Bean on the move!

Coco Bean on the move!

January 2018
Coco Bean and Pirate are growing up too quickly. They will be shorn for the first time in April. Can't wait to get my hands into those beauteous curls! 

Little baby Cotswold curls!

Little baby Cotswold curls!

March 2018
Pirate and Coco Bean are so big now! They are both carrying quite a fleece that I can't wait to get hold of on shearing day! They are still living with our older/special needs sheep. On shearing day they will move over to the bigger group of younger sheep. They are getting a little naughty with the older sheep. Pirate and Coco Bean want to romp and play. The older sheep want to nap in peace! The lambs get obnoxious and pushy trying to get them to run. The oldsters lay down and ignore them. Then the lambs nudge them a bunch before giving up. That's why we don't like to keep such wide age gaps in our sheep groups. They will be in with the big sheep and graze the big 20 acre pasture this summer. They will be SO happy!!! 


My little peanut lambs are growing up- waaay too fast! They still think they don't need me. Sniffle. However, they ARE noticing I only give the treats out when they are close enough to me. HA! Here is a picture of Coco Bean after his first ever shearing. He was NOT a happy boy. He's so sensitive and it was all very confusing. Then it took him several days to find Pirate again. Our Ryan the Wonder Shearer is very good with our sheep so Coco Bean eventually settled down. Whew! Pictures soon! 


Ohh la la! Coco Bean's first every fleece- soooo beautiful! 


Poor Coco Bean! He was calling for Pirate when I snapped this picture. I didn't realize his tongue was hanging out! And Ryan the Wonder Shearer is so silly! 

August 2018 update

Some pretty pictures- enjoy! 

Coco Bean playing hide and seek? (ha!)


Pirate's wool- first ever shearing in 2018- soft and silky, such unique coloring and very dark black with silver threading through. And of course the pretty cinnamon tips. His locks averaged 7+ inches long! 



August 2018

This is a picture of 2 ply yarn I spun with Pirate's wool! 


Fall 2018



February 2019
Coco Bean!