Sweets ,Millie & Raven!

October 2019

Sweets is smitten with Ticco! Her ‘baby’ now. He is an almost 2 year old Angora goatie. Goats like their space but he decided Sweets was not going to abide by his rules. Now he’s attached to her too!

August 2019

Raven is a big girl now! She’s been staying in the office with me because she arrived with an injury. She needed some rest and now she’s working on moving outside. She’s feeling pretty spunky!


July 2019
Millie, Sweets and little Raven helping mow the lawn!


June 2019

The girls are so fun! Both are very active and happily mowing the lawn around the house for us! They were a little sleepy the other morning…


June 2019

The girls finally got their shearing day last week! They are sporting short wool and all set for summer. We have a little bell on Millie now so Sweets does not lose track of her. Millie is a wonderful guide for Sweets though. Always watching out for her and waiting if she gets behind. Even going back for her if she’s worried or lost.

Sweets is exploring now too. They had a quieter home with Deb so the noises and activity level is different. She’s getting brave and yesterday walked from their little house, out the gate and all the way to the front yard- on her own! She looked so proud of herself. Millie waited by the house. I think she wanted a nap? Once she decided Sweets was staying out for a bite to eat she hustled over to be by her. They are such wondrous creatures!


Two beautiful sheep who are moved in and stealing our hearts! Their owner loved them so much but due to life circumstances is being forced to downsize her flock. Sweets and Millie are East Fresian sheep with a background that has a cross- thus the black fleeces. Gorgeousness!


Sweets is six years old and blind. She can see shadows though so does not bump into things. Millie is almost one year old and has a crooked front leg. She is Sweets’ guide through life. They are very devoted to each other. Keep an eye out for more pictures and stories about them as they settle in. Keep a good thought for their owner too ok? She’s very heartbroken.