October 2019

Penny is always up for a photo op!


June 2019

Summer is here and humidity abounds! Penny is prancing about with her new haircut and into shenanigans like always. I love her spirit. She’s still holding a grudge for my making her wear a tutu though. Even though she was a bottle baby she’s quite aloof- unless there are treats involved of course. She is a hoot!


You may all know Penny the Jacob sheep already? She is our bottle lamb this year (2012) and she spent the first 6 weeks in the house while we found another lamb to keep her company. She tore around here in diapers, up and down the stairs, and slept on the couch! She is outside being a big sheep now- and I cried when I moved her outside. I miss her! She has a new friend now- Mayhem- a beautiful Blue Face Leicester lamb. Penny now thinks she doesn't need me, unless there is something amiss. She was not too pleased on shearing day once she figured out what was going on! She STILL would not let me too close- what a silly little snot! 

I think she's going to hold a life long grudge against me for making her wear a tutu when she was a baby. Oopsie! I think her 'brother' Mayhem teases her about it?

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Little Penny is still her sweet, sorta naughty self! She hangs around with Gentleman Gilbert the most. Mayhem has gotten so much bigger and he is a dufus. Who plays too rough head butting with the other sheep boys. SO, Gilbert is a bit calmer, more easy going. Penny can still be silly but not get bowled over!  Read about Gilbert...

Our Gilbert- a California Red Sheep!

Our Gilbert- a California Red Sheep!