October 2019

Waffles is a grown up boy now! Love those fuzzy ears!


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July 2018
Well, this year found me 'strategically' purchasing another lamb. Twist   my    arm! This is Waffles, a silly little sheep- a very cute one! 

Waffles is a Cotswold sheep we purchased from the same flock Coco Bean and Pirate came from.  He is a delightful, very very curly fleeced little fellow. Spring shearing will give us another beautiful fleece. He is a little bit shy but that won't last long. He's too curious!

Cotswold sheep are on the list of threatened USA sheep breeds. Read more-



Waffles and our little Trillium sheep have become good friends! Trillium is a Jacob sheep with 3 legs. The fourth is deformed and not useful to her. They are so cute together! (please note that in this photo Trilli was walking away, she doesn't stand like this!)
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August 2018


November 2018

Waffles is growing up! He is so sweet and wants to see what we are up to any time we are outside. He’s taken to following Speedy around now. You can read about Speedy here…

We moved the little special needs/senior citizen group to their winter barn. They share the old dairy barn with the big group of sheep. Now I have a great chance to catch Waffles for a little bit of a trim of those adorable bangs. Was thinking of braiding it? We’ll see what he thinks!

He will spend the winter in the little group so he can grow and eat grain. Cotswolds are a slow growing sheep. They are not done growing til they are around 2 years old. He can join the big flock after shearing day in the spring.

Here is Waffles and his buddy Speedy!


February 2019