Our Puppy family!

September 2019



August 2019

Milo and Teagan love a good nap!


Teagan had her summer haircut a few weeks ago! She has some skin issues so we do keep her trimmed up short. It’s more comfy for her in the summer too. Too humid out there!


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We certainly love animals and what household or farm would be complete with out a few dogs? Ha! We have several Great Pyrenees and a Border Collie. None are working dogs in the usual sense but they do have their jobs- besides entertaining us! 

Noodle is our 12 year old Border Collie. She is as busy as can be but was born deaf. We taught her sign language. She does do a little herding with me but only to move the suris out of the back yard when they are done mowing. She keeps a good eye on Jim. He is HER person!


Teagan is a Great Pyrenees. She was a stray some years back and ended up at the shelter Mom walks dogs for. Teagan is wonderful, loves to watch the world from her favorite spot on the back porch during the day then sleep inside at night. She loves me best. Specially when there are noisy storms. I think she is so afraid of them because she was a stray for a while? There could not be a better dog! 


Milo is a Great Pyrenees we went to Southern Illinois to pick up. He was not in a very good situation. He is definitely Jim's dog. Sometimes he needs to be reminded it's ok for us all to live together though. Stinker! He has a funky jaw so his tongue hangs out most of the time. Too cute for his own good right? He spends his time with Teagan watching the world go by from his favorite place in the little pasture. Then he sleeps inside. He is very sweet and I adore him!


And last but certainly not least is Fletcher aka Puppy. He has quite a story! He lived his first months on the streets with his homeless owner. The fellow decided he could not care for the puppy properly so brought him to the shelter Mom volunteers for. Of course who could say no specially me. Hi name was Jim but since my husband's name is Jim that would not work. We kept calling him Puppy then named him Fletcher. SO, he answers to Puppy or Fletcher. Kind of like having a middle name. He loves me best and spends his days anywhere I am. Love it! 


November 2018

Even though our Pyrs spend the night sleeping inside, they are very adamant the bad guys (coyotes and dogs traveling with them) stay on their own side of the fence. They bark and bark, which is what Pyrs do! They love being outside, specially if there is snow to roll and play in. I hope we get snow this winter. We’ve been getting ice instead for about 10 winters now. Took a few spills myself that gave me a few concussions. I do not need repeat! AND I don’t want any of the critters- or Jim- to break bones on the ice either. Here is Milo rolling in snow a few winters ago: (snow angels!)


April 2019

We had a chance to adopt two bottle lambs this winter. It was too cold so they lived inside with us for a bit. Our Pyr Milo is so so attached to them. He watches over the lambs outside and they follow him everywhere he goes. (Thinking the lambs could have some identity issues?!)