Trillium arrived here as a young lamb from our friend's flock. She was born with a front leg deformity which essentially leaves her on 3 legs. You would never know it, she is a happy, scampering sheep every day! Her best friends are Speedy and Rudy- she is learning about fruit loops too! 

Trillium's Jacob fleece is lilac colored, next to the skin soft, features locks of 3 inches. We do not put a coat on her to keep the wool clean because we do not want her to get caught in it because of her front leg... She is definitely a sweet pea! 

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2018- This year Trillium gave us another gorgeous fleece! She tends to get a little more hay in her fleece than the other sheep in the special needs group. She's smaller than everyone else and  they are not polite. The bigger sheep eat their hay even if she is laying in front of them? Really? I think they get other sheep's fleeces dirty just to spite me. Silly sheep! She's starting to have a little more trouble getting around on 3 legs so we are assessing her progress more closely now. She's definitely a wild flower! 

October 2018

Trillium has a new friend named Waffles! He is a Cotswold lamb bunking with the special needs group til Spring. I think she likes him!