Our Suri Alpacas!

October 2019

Ooh la la! Shiny locks on our Suri Alpaca girls! We skipped shearing them this spring. Their fiber was short and we did not want them to be cold this winter. I cannot wait to get those locks in my hands to spin! Good job girls!


October 2019

Beautiful locks growing by Spice!


August 2019

Howdy do? Spice says hello!


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A few months back life changes forced a friend to reduce her flock of alpacas. I am still so sad for her. I am also happy though- because I am selfish. We've never had Suri Alpacas. They are so sweet! Much smaller than our llamas! They are quiet and love attention. Brooke's friend Teagon even lets me hug her! (well, she will occasionally come over to be scratched- and put her head on my shoulder!)

Brooke is a gorgeous color of dark fawn. It has a reddish tone to it and the locks are from 4 to 10 inches long, depending on which part of the fleece they are from. It is silky soft and so so pretty! Just like Brooke! (She is standing closest to me/fence in this photo)


The suri girls are so sweet! They are very interested in what is going on all about the farm. We are getting the sheep ready for winter right now. The gals and their little group of senior citizen sheep are sharing the old dairy barn with the big group of sheep. We got their part of the barn ready and bribed them with their dinner grain to follow us over. Everyone went except two sheep- Trillium and Theo. Stinkers! One suri also stayed back with the two sheep. Spice.

She’s the alert suri. Specially in the middle of the night? I’ve trooped out to see what is going on only to find our Big Kitty tom cat snoozing in the old Maple tree, just out of her reach. Such taunting right? The suris are not too keen on cats. They do chase them out of their pasture. Yikes!

Spice would NOT leave the little pasture until all of her sheep were out. Then she quietly led them to the other gate and walked the sheep in. Good girl! She’s very attached to her sheep. Theo and Trillium were the wayward sheep. This is a picture of Trilli, you can read about her here… And Theo here…