Maxwell & Oliver!

August 2019

Maxwell’s a big boy now!

Chico Macaw and Oliver playing on the front porch!


June 2019

Maxwell has decided he will now be a suri alpaca? I guess whatever works right? Poor Oliver! He’s not sure he wants to grow up yet so Maxwell just leaves him behind. Oliver races around looking for ME so I can walk him back home. He’s so sweet. If he needs me for a while yet that is ok with me. I do hope he starts sleeping through the night soon though!



February 2019

I’m sure by now you know how much I adore bottle lambs! Since we do not breed our sheep, we adopt orphans from friend’s flocks if they come around. This year during the 50 below weather in FEBRUARY surprise lambs started arriving in Tami’s flock. Her ram apparently jumped the fence, visited the ladies, then jumped back out. Surprise lambs!

Oliver is the white Cotswold lamb and Maxwell the black Cotswold cross lamb. They are fast friends and spent most of the winter in my office. It was too cold to put them outside.


They are devoted to each other but are such different personalities! Oliver is a bit of a lug. He lumbers and gallops through life, all happy and silly. Sometimes it takes him a little while to figure things out but only because he’s such an agreeable guy. Good thing Maxwell shows him the way when necessary!


On the other hand, Maxwell is a little jumping bean! He is fast and I swear he could run straight up the wall if he wanted to? He was about half the size of Oliver when he arrived, despite being born within days of each other. There have already been many adventures so keep an eye out for updates!