Laundry Day!

Oh I LOVE to do laundry! What you say???? You heard right! 

However, I hate doing people laundry. My absolute favorite is washing fleeces and yarn. The yarn looks like I've accomplished something when it is hanging up to dry. Very zen for me. The Fiber Palace looks all festive and decorated! 


Here is a picture of the next load. Single ply, two ply and more. And you can read about our yarn washing process here...


Have to wait a day or two so the lash yarn is all dry. I hate putting the yarn away, all set for orders and shops. The Fiber Palace looks so bare with out it! Watch for more pictures- weekends are for spinning of yarn and sheep! 

Smooches from Jonte (read more) and Mayhem (read more). They are enjoying a few cooler days right now. Even walking all the way out to the big pasture to munch on new, rain sprouted grass! Looks like a postcard out there!