Stormy evening!


Yeowza! We have quite the storm roll through here! I got caught outside as it rolled in. That's not unusual for me though. I was outside checking on sheepie Isaac because he looked like the heat was getting to be too much for him. 

As I hit the button to take the photo, the wind raced in with the storm on its heels. I was not far from the back porch but wow. Little dust devils about a foot high all around our gravel driveway, stones being flung against the house and what really freaked me out? The giant, half-dead tree in the middle of the yard. 

It sounded like it was coming over right on top of me? It turns out I can move much faster than I thought! If you look hard at the picture you can see our little Penny sheep in the bottom left corner. I think she looks like I must have? What I would call a mutual holy crap moment. Oh, and the tree did not come down. We are getting estimates to take it down this week I hope! 

Don't go outside to take pictures everyone! This storm actually scared me beyond my usual stormy day hinky. And I don't scare very easily! We are all fine animals, people and farm. We are hoping the next storms come through with no crazy attached!