How we wash our handspun yarn!

Even though I wash most wool before spinning it, I still wash it when I have it all skeined up. I tend to spin alpaca before spinning. SO, here is how we wash our handspun yarn- easy peasy!

1) skein up yarn

2) Fill washer (or sink) with warm water and a dash of soap.

3) Add yarn and let it soak- no time limit. Sometimes I forget I started mine out. Oops.

4) Swish the yarn about a little, then spin out or drain. No agitation if you are using a wash machine. 

5) Refill washer (or sink) with warm water and repeat.

6) Spin out or drain. 

7) Remove skeins and hang up to dry! Wa-la!

*You can also dye the skeins prior to washing- or after. Sky's the limit!