Where do our sheep come from?

Our sheep are quite a varied group, we have purchased some from various friends and shepherds but many have arrived as young orphans (woo—hoo my favorite-- bottle babies!), injured, sick or just from sad situations. 

We don’t always actively go out and look for them, they seem to find their way here on their own. Once they are here, they are here to stay (whether they like it or not-haha!) for the rest of their lives. 

Some years ago we rescued 11 sheep from a national rescue group in Pennsylvania. They were part of a 150 sheep flock that had gotten to be more than their owner could manage. By the time we got this group from OohMahNee Farmed Animal Rescue, their feet were much improved and they had gained back weight—looking very fit and healthy. We still keep an eagle eye on their feet though, because they had not been trimmed for most of their lives, several of them have toes that grow into angles that are very uncomfortable if left untrimmed. We are proud to say that as shy as they were when they arrived, all but one is happy to come up to us now for a hug and some Fruit Loops—the treat of choice at the Homestead! 

This group is just one example of the type of ‘rescues’ we have been a part of. I am happy to report that the remainder of the OohMahNee rescue flock has been placed—the remaining 65 are heading to their new home in northern Wisconsin soon! 

Sometimes the word rescue can really have some scary implications, and while we have had some very sadly treated sheep to take care of and love, many we adopt or take in are caught up in the middle of family situations where people really do love them, their lives are just not such that they can keep their sheep--they do look to find a good home for them and we try our best to help them place their sheep into forever homes.