What does "Animal Friendly" mean to us?

Here at the Homestead, Animal Friendly means our animals are treated humanely, with the utmost consideration and respect for their physical and mental wellness. 

They are never sold, once they make their way here, they live out their lives as a member of our family, and are never eaten or allowed to have babies (unless they arrive here pregnant!) as we would be unable to bear to part with any of them. I absolutely LOVE having bottle (orphan) lambs tromping around the house with me too!

We feed the sheep only corn from local farms that we know has no chance of including copper (which is toxic to sheep) or animal by products. We also feed them organically raised hay (as of 2006 raised here at our own farm!), minerals and of course their favorite treats of Fruit Loops (not very organic but definitely a treat) and carrot/apple bars. 

We do neuter our boys, for both their health (to avoid cancers later in life) and to avoid over population of our farm--because we could never part with any of the babies! HOWEVER, we do use the most current pain medications to keep them from hurting and the surgery is done early in life when it is least stressful for them. The neutering also helps them be more mannerly boys during their lives! 

We accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally, no matter their disabilities, age or special needs. We spend hours every day out visiting, walking with the sheep and handing out hugs! The are members of our family and are treated as such..... they are our blessing!

**Please know that we are lucky to be able to do this and our theories may not be an option for other farmers. There are many good people out there taking great care of their sheep!**