What Breeds of Sheep are in Our Flock?

My hubby might ask, what type of sheep DON'T we have! ha! Again, a varied group lives here, including Suffolk, Lincoln cross, Romney cross, Merino, Rambouillet, Shetland, Jacob, Corriedale, Wensleydale, Border Leicester and more! We do not have a policy about what type of sheep live with us, they all have beautiful wool and are happy to be here and that is all we ask…. 

Our younger sheep live in the west pasture and call the ex-dairy barn home each night. Our elderly/special needs sheep live on a smaller pasture near our house. Their home is a nice warm spot in our pole shed.  The little group moves over into the dairy barn in the winter. That barn is around 100 years old and built to be warm!

While the coyote factor is scary for any flock owner, we really seem to be able to co-exist peacefully for the most part. We love to hear them calling at night--but prefer they stay on their own side of the fence! We have replaced almost the entire perimeter fence with woven wire panels that are strong and tend to keep the coyotes from entering the pasture. They have so much room to roam here it does work so far. We believe they have a place on the earth so have chosen to go with llamas and the dogs to keep our flock safe. SO far so good and hope the coyotes stay on their side of the 'world'! ha!