How did this Farm Adventure Begin?

I would have to say my life with animals started with my beloved Crissy—a little unwanted foal who needed a home when I was 11. My parents could not afford a horse at the time, but decided to go ahead and adopt that sweet little red baby with the white nose. They gave me a precious gift in more than one way--they not only made their daughter the happiest girl in the whole world but I learned to have compassion for animals and a love of working with and caring for them. 

I am not sure my parents always looked at it as a gift, there was lots of driving to the stable and shows on weekends once Crissy was old enough to be ridden but they unfailingly supported my efforts and loved Crissy too. I worked hard to help provide for her—whether it was cleaning stalls or riding horses for other people. 

I was lucky to have Crissy as part of my life until she was almost 30—we lost her a few years ago but I still catch myself looking for her when I go outside to visit our animals. I will always miss her horribly but I think my life with Crissy set the tone for the rest of my life—she was the sweetest, most patient creature on earth and certainly more than returned my devotion to her…. 

Taking care of animals is a wonderful way to spend your time. They give so much back to you and are truly a blessing! I also spent many years as a veterinary technician and working with several rescue groups in the past so my background in rescue and care of animals has been a part of my entire life. 

Long story short, the sheep part of our lives began with one black sheep—our Woolamina! Someone gave her to me for a birthday present as a joke--(I always said I wanted a black sheep) and you can see what happened to us since!