sheep specific yarn

New Handspun Yarn!

I'm working on photographing new yarn for the website! It is all handspun by me from our sheep's fleeces. The yarn takes on its own personality while spinning. I love letting the yarn tell me how it wants to be spun. It also keeps the character of the sheep who provided the wool. The only thing missing is YOU! The circle from sheep all the way to your next project is too precious and fun! 

You can find our yarn here...


This yarn was created by our Apollo sheep! You can read all about him in his bio and his yarn will be available on the website this weekend! 


This week's news! (6/20/18)

Mary and I spent time sorting fleeces. One of our favorite jobs. It is so fun to watch the fiber unfold to show off all its unique features. Ooh la la! 

Spice's Romedale/CVM fleece! 

Spice's Romedale/CVM fleece! 

This is our new wool, Romedale/CVM. It is sooooo soft! The girls came to us last fall after a friend needed to retire a few of her older sheep. We are so lucky to have them. I've never spun R/CVM wool so this will be an adventure for all of us. Can't wait! We'll be selling some on the website and some will head off to Shari at Morro Fleece Works for carding. We'll get some gorgeous pindrafted/coiled roving back. 


Teagan was quite helpful sorting through papers and putting them through the shredder yesterday. Snort! 


Zippy's been equally helpful 'helping' me pack up yarn to send to the shops. Wonder if she is aiming for a vacation to Connecticut or California? Ha! 

It's been a very rainy couple months. We have LOTS of grass in the pastures but have not had 3 days in a row of sunshine/no rain. We just need three days to get that hay baled!!! Fingers crossed- getting late in the summer. 

We've been adding fleeces as we get them sorted. Planning a big update with new yarn on Sunday/Monday. Keep an eye out ok? Let us know if you have questions or need wool/yarn you don't see on the website. The sheep love to be enablers! 

Our CVM gals! Smooches everyone!    

Our CVM gals! Smooches everyone!