Crazy Quilt Handspun Yarn

Ooh la la! The sheep are always busy spinning our flagship Crazy Quilt Handspun yarn! Styles include lace weight all the way to super bulky lash yarn. We've also added our carefully hand-felted yarn and strong/bendy corespun wire yarn

The yarn I spin is special to me because it comes from our very own, happy sheep, who are not bred, eaten, traded or sold. We give them a place to live out their lives in peace, grazing on big pastures.  I think our sheep's happiness shines out of each skein of yarn.  Read more our sheep  girls  and boys!    

***Please be sure to visit our "Ode to Emma" page. There you'll find my great grandma Emma Lamp. I think she has a lot to do with my crazy quilted-ness!***

No fighting boys! You play too rough!

No fighting boys! You play too rough!

Sandy & Jim Ryan
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