October 2019

Apollo has arthritis now but is doing well for such an elderly sheep!


June 2019

Sweet old Apollo is starting to show his age. However, he is still on the move, just a little slower now. He’s had his haircut for summer so plenty of time out in the pasture sunning and visiting his pals. I love his face. The big roman nosed sheep have always been a favorite ‘look’ to me. His eyes are so wise. An old soul looking back at me from them!

Apollo was a cute, sick little lamb when he arrived some years ago. He proved us wrong for doubting his toughness, got well and today is a big happy boy! His best friend is Baker- and he loves a good hug, fruit loops and his buddies. 

He is a very stately North Country Cheviot sheep. He looks so regal and elegant. His fleece is medium soft, bouncy and features 4+ inch locks. It always washes up snowy white too! He is a very busy sheep, always out checking on his friends and looking for the best spot to take a nap.

2017 update: Apollo is still his impressive self. Very regal, stoic and elegant. He's very ready for winter already, I am always amazed he can even walk with that giant fleece. On shearing day he goes leaping off the shearing board like a little (well, big) lamb. I wish I could lose weight that easily right? Ha! 

Washed wool from Apollo's fleece!

Washed wool from Apollo's fleece!


Apollo is an elderly fellow now- we like to call him retired. Don't tell him I told you that though. He still has the cutest nose, wrinkles and so soft. He's had a few health issues over the past two years. Each year he's managed to overcome them though. He's one tough fellow! 

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