Holiday week! (7/6/18)

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! 


I love the celebration in my parent's town of Wonder Lake! Tradition finds Dad and grandchildren on the lake watching the fireworks from his cool fishing boat. Thank you to my sister for the latest photos! 

Hope all of you had a fun, safe celebration with lots of family and friends. Maybe sheep? Our sheep partied too hard. They always get mad at me because I will NOT let them shoot off fireworks. Not even fire crackers or sparklers. I am so mean! I think if they invited me to their Fruit Loop Margarita parties? Well, nope, wouldn't change the fire works ban! 

We always stay home. From the tallest hill in the pasture we can see fireworks in almost any direction. Much prettier to us to be home watching with the sheep. 


The sheep have been doing a bang up job keeping our lawn mowed. I'm glad because I do not like the push mower. We don't really have much in the way of lawn. When it is 100 degrees and humid, the sheep don't go far from the barn. The front yard is closer than the big pasture they romp. They like how close the yard is and there is plenty of shade. Lucy- pictured above- is one of our CVM/Romedale gals. She's the leader of the pack today. 

sheep in central park.jpg

Speaking of lawn mowing, did you know that long ago sheep mowed the White House lawn? How cool is that?! 

We have a break from our wild weather for a few days. It's only 80 degrees and not very humid. Even a breeze?! Much more critter activity outside now. We don't fuss with the sheep much when it is that hot. I wish they liked the benefits of water- even a little leg shower. Nope. 

The llamas LOVE showers and their pools. The Suri Alpaca gals prefer a leg shower. Gives us something cooling to do with them every day. I want to get a sprinkler for the llamas and alpacas- what a fun day that will be! 

Somehow the sheep snuck into  town and picked up scuba gear??? What is UP with that?