Our week! (6/25/18)

Lots of crazy going on here this week! Almost 10 inches of rain over the past week finds us waiting for three days with sunshine to get our hay cut/baled. We usually are watching the second crop grow by now. Eek! 

Still working on getting fleeces sorted. Mary and I are determined to have them all sorted before they hit the fiber palace shelving! Well on our way! The sheep are laying low, it's been 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Ugh. They spend their time in our old dairy barn- leaning up against the stone walls to keep cool. Smart sheep! 


A few weeks ago we welcomed two lambs to the flock! Isaac is a Blue Face Leicester cross and the little Cotswold lamb still needs the perfect name. We're working on it! Here they are- ooh la la right? 


More info about the lambie boys to follow! 

Lots of stormy weather this week- wonder if the goats were heading for higher ground? Tee hee! (Smart goats!)


We've been working hard to get the sheep's fleeces sorted and onto the website. Hope you will have a look- some really rare breeds of sheep live here now. The photo below is our Della's CVM/Romedale fleece! Unwashed wool...


Read more about  our CVM/Romedale sheep...

Please please remember your pets and livestock during the July 4th time frame. Loud noises are scary for them. They will run and could be hurt or very very lost by the time they stop. Keep them close! 

Have a great holiday week! 

San & the sheeps

...where sheep may safely graze