Break out your water wings my sheepies!

First let me say, our thoughts go out to all the people in Texas and areas surrounding as they try to deal with the awful weather they've had for weeks now. 

We are definitely not in Texas and nothing has happened here that is on the scale of the Texas weather. However, check this out. I was out in the barn with the vet taking care of a sheep. Took about 20 minutes. It poured down rain the entire time we were in there. We call the waterway that naturally runs between the house and barns the River Ryan. You've probably heard me talk about it in the past. 

The River Ryan was running when we went inside, but only up to maybe my ankles. When we were done with my sheep and came outside, THIS is what was waiting for us.

We are in a valley- at the bottom of every hill. We joke about the River Ryan. It's usually just a little stream of water trickling through when it rains. We have drain tile installed to direct the water out to the big pasture.  Once in a while this is what happens. In 20 minutes our little River Ryan was knee deep and I can see now how people and cars get swept away so easily. I was more than a little afraid to cross that water. There was water coming from all directions around the barns and it even sounded like a river thundering along. The vet parked his truck next to the blue trailer and was still 5 feet or so away from the water. By the time he left, his truck was almost up to its bumpers in the water. I swear it was starting to float but by that time I was so freaked out I am pretty sure I was seeing things. He got on his way just fine, stayed to make sure I did not get stuck or floating off down the river. It was scary. SO, no playing in the water my sheepies. They are generally not an animal that appreciates water but my sheep think of some pretty silly things to do. Maybe I should build a life guard stand? More rain coming a little later this afternoon so maybe I SHOULD go get their water wings on? And take many pictures of THAT!

Stay safe everyone- watch out for flood waters- safe travels if you have to be out and about!

Jim & Sandy sheep may safely graze.