Can YOUR 130+ pound WHITE dog hide from YOU?

Our Heidi Grace the Great Pyrenees believes she can.....I see Monroe, I see Heidi's little toes... Now I even see her nose! Is that a 'sheepish' face or WHAT? Actually, when Heidi Grace is not out with her sheep sleeping under the porch steps is her favorite 'hiding place.'  The cement under them is a nice cool place to sleep on these hot summer days. However, here is her usual day time nap space! Notice she leaves not one bit of the couch to share with anyone else tired though! Heidi Grace watches over our oldest and special needs sheep at night. She's a very good girl and does love her naps inside during the day, or if we have storms that include thunder. She's not really afraid of the thunder, just prefers to be where I am if it gets noisy outside. And of  course I never complain when she wants to be inside with me, even if she does hog the entire couch!

Hope everyone is having a great week- watch for our next post of our new Great Pyrenees Teagan!

Smooches from Miss Heidi Grace! (Who also wanted to mention we still have sheep who would love to have a sponsor AND we will be updating the website late Friday evening- the 19th. There will be lots and lots of washed, unwashed, carded wool AND our handspun yarn!)

Chat with you very soon! Jim & Sandy Ryan ...where sheep may safely graze.