Rosie's Bad Day....

A few weeks ago we had some mega-monster storms rip through our little valley. When Jim went to feed Bobbi (our Great Pyrenees) in the morning, a little red and white Border Collie showed up out of nowhere? We thought we had seen her before but were not sure which neighbor she belonged to?Well, until we could find out where she belonged, I made up a comfy bed of sleeping bags, put some water and treats out for her- and went back to bed. After all it WAS 4 in the morning.  It did register with me that we had a few more storms roll through but went back to sleep. They were much less severe, just regular old storms. Well, I think Rosie had a different thought on what a regular old storm is? Holy crap! I couldn't find her, the glass door on the enclosed porch was still closed so she had to be in the house? Rosie turned up- out from under a pile of fleeces in the fiber palace (aka basement). She picked a good place to shelter from a storm but whoa. She was so sad and embarrassed and I couldn't find it in me to be mad at her. She was just scared. I called the number on her tag and the vet said Rosie belonged to our friend and neighbor on the other side of the hill. They were very glad to know Rosie was fine and picked her up later in the day. Bob said Rosie is terrified of storms and will chew through anything, even inside their house, to hide.

Bob was wonderful, replaced the door and did all the work for us. Thank you neighbor Bob! We did need a back door but just hadn't gotten to that project. We suggested that Bob bring Rosie down the next time it storms. We would love new kitchen cupboards too!  Tee hee hee!

Hope all is well with all of you- the sheep are having fits waiting to get out on the new grass. Just another week peeps! Smooches from the sheep everyone!

Jim & Sandy Ryan ...where sheep may safely graze.