A foot of snow & shearing day!

Wait what??? You definitely heard right. Right around our shearing day (April 1) we did indeed receive a bountiful foot of snow. The sheep had lots of wool so many chose to sleep outside. Not in the warm cozy barn. That drives me up the WALL. They looked like piles of snow with eyes and nose peeking out- wish I would have had my camera, watching them stand up was hilarious! Little Sunshine Shetland sheep decided to skip shearing last year. Sporting 2 years of wool can find oneself unable to get moving in 12 inches of snow. Oopsie! I made a path so she could get out but her twin brother Mario was making fun of her. My stink eye stopped that but I still heard sheep giggling. :o) Everyone behaved well on shearing day despite Jerome's frantic attempts to warn the sheep that something was afoot. We had great helpers- our friends Heidi & Jon Ellefson! Thank you both for making our day so much easier! Look forward to seeing David the Wonder Shearer again next April. The big haul! We just finished an update to the sheep's website, hope you'll stop on by for a browse! We will update the website again Friday so be sure you keep up with the sheeps! www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com

Hugs and smooches from the sheep!

Jim & Sandy Ryan www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com...where sheep may safely graze.