Have you ever spun Wensleydale wool?

Our sheep would love to know! We have several beauteous Wensleydale sheep here in our flock. They are sweet sheep with such gorgeous, curly locks. The wool is easy to wash, locks average 6 to 10 inches long and give a pretty sheen to yarn. It really is quite comparable to Mohair (Angora Goat) fiber. This is Sheldon- read more about him…


Washing wool is great fun and this is easy wool to wash- read our washing routine…

Once the wool is dry I use most of the locks to handspin into our Lash Yarn. It is one of my favorite yarns to spin!

I also spin the wool into other traditional yarn. I spun this yarn from Sheldon’s roving. It is soft and what I would call lace weight. I like to let the wool ‘tell me’ what it wants to be. This batch wanted to be tiny yarn!


I’ll be listing this yarn here soon- you’ll

There will also be lash yarn but I have not started Sheldon Lashes yet. We do have wool from Jerome on both the unwashed wool and washed wool pages if you like to go start to finish. Also several selections of roving from our Wensleydales! Look forward to hearing from you if you have questions!