June 2019

Sheldon is galloping happily through life as always! The pastures are green and he is quite round. As a sheep should be! I can always tell when he is talking to me. His voice is such a deep one and quite booming compared to the other sheep.

He had me spin his beautiful curls into our flagship lash yarn. It will be available on the website shortly so keep an eye out ok? He will have natural white locks and is dyeing locks for me to spin too. Giddyup! There is plenty of yarn available in the meantime. This is where you will find his yarn…. lash yarn…. handspun yarn

This sweet sheep is Sheldon, a white Wensleydale sheep we adopted from the famous McNair flock! He and his twin Moon Pie's mom passed away after she had them. Of course Ruth did not have to twist my arm so I would take them in right? ha! 

It was cold when they came into the world so they spent a few weeks living on our back porch. Once it was warm enough they started spending days in the back yard. Their favorite place to hide out was under the back steps. They thought they were so sly! They are all grown up now, still very close and never far from each other, and their 'brother' Puzzle who also arrived the same week. 

Sheldon is a silly, clumsy sheep who really is happy happy! Always wondering who is having more fun some place other than where he is. 

His fleece is soft as silk and the locks from his first ever fleece were almost 12 inches long. GiddyUP Shelly Bean!


Sheldon is very much his silly self. A big happy lug hanging around with his sister Moon Pie and girlfriend Collette

His fleece is as gorgeous as ever and he really couldn't be a much better sheep. Well, except on shearing day! That is the one day a year he absolutely hates. And unfortunately, keeping control of him is not my idea of fun either. We only have one Wensleydale sheep who behaves himself on shearing day. It is NOT Sheldon. He throws himself over backwards, runs into walls, runs us into walls, runs over us-- all to avoid being caught. Much less sheared. Really? AND he was a bottle lamb so should be quite tame at all times. Harumph! 

We have a wonderful shearer and Ryan is very patient with the sheep. And once Sheldon is handed over to Ryan, all silliness stops. Like ok, gotta get my haircut now. Yup Yup. What a silly sheep! Bronco? hahaha! 

"I don't know WHAT you are talking about!"

"I don't know WHAT you are talking about!"

February 2019


Comfort, Sheldon and one of our barn cats!