What is your Favorite Roving Mill?

After washing wool here at the farm, we also send out for machine carding and blending into beautiful roving! 

We send wool to our good friend Shari at Morro Fleece Works. The the fiber is carded into beautiful loose or pin drafted roving. She is wonderful, has been good to us/our fiber for a long time now-we adore her. The pin drafted roving is one step further than loose roving and allows us to run roving that has different colors side by side- fun and easy to spin!! Thank you Shari! 

We also send fiber locally to our friends at Argyle Fiber Mill. They have wonderful loose roving, roving bumps and clouds (clouds are located on our washed and dyed pages). We always love what the girls send home! 

Both mills are environmentally conscious so that makes supporting them even more worthwhile... they all love their 'work' with fiber --and it shows. 

Please remember that even though we work hard to only use the cleanest wool in our fleeces, most of the fleeces we work with are from sheep who do not wear coats or covers. We do not carbonize our wool so you may find a bit of vegetable matter here and there--we try to make our descriptions as accurate, both in words and color, as possible! Our sheep are encouraged to be sheep first, clean last (thank goodness because they could care less about clean!!)

**Not a spinner of yarn? I am happy to spin any of our fiber for you- special orders happily encouraged!**