Shearing day!

Might not feel like Spring yet but Ryan the wonder shearer was here to give our sheep their summer haircuts the first week of April. Giddyup!

Shearing day is always a fantastic adventure. It’s the day I get to be sure the sheep have gone through the winter ok. I keep a close eye on them every day but we have a few sheep who are not tame enough to get my hands on as often as the others. If anyone looks too thin, they are sent over into the special needs group to have a little grain with their alfalfa hay until we turn them out on the big pasture.

Did you know after shearing the sheep have trouble recognizing their friends again? It can take a few days of calling and fussing before they find each other again. Poor peeps.

THAT said, my what glorious fleeces they gave us again! I love seeing the fleece colors as the sheep are sheared. Many of them change color shades each year. Some are very subtle changes and some are quite striking.

We’ll start adding new fleeces to the sheep’s website next week so keep an eye out!