First week of September?

Already? The sheep are SO not ready to turn the clocks back! I hope we get a Fall season this year and don't skip right into Winter. Seems we miss our Spring and Fall now in WI. My favorite times of the year-except the sheep love Christmas for obvious reasons. You would think after opening present after present- fruit loops- would get repetitious? Nope! 

So now we switch to our get ready for winter list. First cleaning up of branches and some overgrown weeds by the road. Get the sheep to mow the front lawn again. They might need help from the Suri alpaca girls since we've had so much rain! (The Suris say they can handle the entire job, they don't need any help from the sheep?) Whoa!

We also get any barn repairs done and all clean for winter. The goaties decided they would rather live in the little cabin so they moved back in. They go out and eat weeds in the 'orchard' (3 trees that fell over but are still growing apples??) during the day. They are an amazing brush/weed clear out group. They are very acrobatic out there chasing apples too. Hope you are all ok in the crazy weather across the states- and world. Stay safe and have a happy weekend!