Becan's Shenanigans!

You've probably heard of our little Becan sheep right? He's a Shetland sheep and is 14 years old now. His eyes have always had an old soul looking out of them- a very smart old soul. Shetland sheep are naturally bouncy, happy sheep. And very mischievous. 

Becan must be having a little identity crisis this summer? He's decided he would rather live with the llamas and horses than with his sheep family?? He has a tiny space in the adjoining fence he  wiggles through. Every night we put him back in with the sheep, every afternoon he's back with the llamas. This has been going on all summer. 


This past weekend Becan decided he was going back into the llama pasture to 'help' Jim feed Bull, our shire horse. 


When Becan tried to slip through the gate he got his back leg caught. Jim got him out of the gate right away but Becan was shook up. Limping like he broke his poor little leg. I gave him a dose of anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Midnight barn check found Becan walking with barely a limp! Whew! What a giant relief it was only a sore muscle! 

Of course Becan acted like we completely over reacted. (Which I do.) By the next morning he was happily scampering about with his sheep friends. By the next afternoon, he had slipped back through the fence to continue his dream of becoming a llama! You can read more about our little hooligan Becan in his bio...