A Spinning Adventure!

Last fall a few sheep from Michigan joined our flock! We’ve never had CVM/Romedale here- they are a very rare breed. They are sweet sweet girls and you can read more about them here…


I have not touched a CVM/Romedale sheep, much less had the opportunity to spin wool from one. Consider me smitten!


It is just as soft as Merino wool but easier to wash because the CVM/R has less lanolin. It also reminds me of Corriedale because there is a little bounce to it. Our girl’s fleeces average 4 inch long locks and a variety of shades of white, silver, gray and black. Ooh la la!

The sheep are from Michigan and their family owns a grocery store. A nice group of people near us donated produce. It took me a minute to think up why the CVM/Romedale girls were so gleeful about produce? Egads Sandy!