A kerfuffle in the office?

My goodness! Kitten Zippy was not very welcoming to her sister last night. We wanted to bring her inside to keep Zippy company AND to be an office kitten. 

As soon as we put her sister in Zippy's house, Zippy got a little selfish. Her friend Kate sent a care package this week. It included 3 fish toys that have something crackly inside. Zippy loves them. She actually hides them in a secret stash? I've never seen a cat do that! Sometimes she sleeps on them. 

If I reach into her house to get a fish out, Zippy runs to her stash and plops her cute self on it. Oh no you didn't she says. Well, when her sister came in, Zippy did not want to share her house. SPECIALLY her new toys? Oh gracious. 

She not only sat on her toys, she also was hissing and slapping at her sister? Shame on you Zippy. SO, poor sister went back out to the milk house and her mom. I think it was fine with her though. She likes being outside and really is not as tame as Zippy always has been. As soon as she is big enough we'll let mom and sister loose again. They are just so tiny right now!

And so goes the saga of Zippy, the three legged cat who started doing zoomies 2 days after surgery. She is sleeping lots but that is good for her too. And she loves to be rocked like a baby. How much better can things be???