Picture day!

I have so many beautiful pictures of our sheep that have not been 'out in the public' yet. SO, here we go! 


Baaxter - Romney sheep- 10 years old


Marshall - Corriedale sheep - 13 years old


Puzzle - Wensleydale sheep - 3 years old


Casey- North Country Cheviot sheep- 9 years old


Niles- Wensleydale sheep - 11 years old


Dalai Llama - 15 years old


Penny - Jacob sheep - 5 years old

SO, we have so many great sheep and great pictures- most of these taken by my friend Heidi Ellefson. She has such a talent catching the sheep's expressions!

Be sure to check out the sheep's website ok? Lots of new items for sale- the sheep said you might want to sit down with a big cup of coffee to browse!

Smooches all! Jim & Sandy Ryan www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com ...where sheep may safely graze.