Boy Sheep

Maxwell & Oliver!

August 2019

Maxwell’s a big boy now!

Chico Macaw and Oliver playing on the front porch!


June 2019

Maxwell has decided he will now be a suri alpaca? I guess whatever works right? Poor Oliver! He’s not sure he wants to grow up yet so Maxwell just leaves him behind. Oliver races around looking for ME so I can walk him back home. He’s so sweet. If he needs me for a while yet that is ok with me. I do hope he starts sleeping through the night soon though!



February 2019

I’m sure by now you know how much I adore bottle lambs! Since we do not breed our sheep, we adopt orphans from friend’s flocks if they come around. This year during the 50 below weather in FEBRUARY surprise lambs started arriving in Tami’s flock. Her ram apparently jumped the fence, visited the ladies, then jumped back out. Surprise lambs!

Oliver is the white Cotswold lamb and Maxwell the black Cotswold cross lamb. They are fast friends and spent most of the winter in my office. It was too cold to put them outside.


They are devoted to each other but are such different personalities! Oliver is a bit of a lug. He lumbers and gallops through life, all happy and silly. Sometimes it takes him a little while to figure things out but only because he’s such an agreeable guy. Good thing Maxwell shows him the way when necessary!


On the other hand, Maxwell is a little jumping bean! He is fast and I swear he could run straight up the wall if he wanted to? He was about half the size of Oliver when he arrived, despite being born within days of each other. There have already been many adventures so keep an eye out for updates!



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July 2018
Well, this year found me 'strategically' purchasing another lamb. Twist   my    arm! This is Waffles, a silly little sheep- a very cute one! 

Waffles is a Cotswold sheep we purchased from the same flock Coco Bean and Pirate came from.  He is a delightful, very very curly fleeced little fellow. Spring shearing will give us another beautiful fleece. He is a little bit shy but that won't last long. He's too curious!

Cotswold sheep are on the list of threatened USA sheep breeds. Read more-



Waffles and our little Trillium sheep have become good friends! Trillium is a Jacob sheep with 3 legs. The fourth is deformed and not useful to her. They are so cute together! (please note that in this photo Trilli was walking away, she doesn't stand like this!)
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August 2018


November 2018

Waffles is growing up! He is so sweet and wants to see what we are up to any time we are outside. He’s taken to following Speedy around now. You can read about Speedy here…

We moved the little special needs/senior citizen group to their winter barn. They share the old dairy barn with the big group of sheep. Now I have a great chance to catch Waffles for a little bit of a trim of those adorable bangs. Was thinking of braiding it? We’ll see what he thinks!

He will spend the winter in the little group so he can grow and eat grain. Cotswolds are a slow growing sheep. They are not done growing til they are around 2 years old. He can join the big flock after shearing day in the spring.

Here is Waffles and his buddy Speedy!


February 2019



Angus is an adorable Shetland sheep we adopted from a friend who had to sell her flock. He joined us along with his Shetland friends Charlie, Ilse, Rose and Gilbert the California Red sheep. They are a happy little family. Gilbert and Charlie are trying to teach the others that treats are a good thing. So far they are not convinced! 

Angus is a beautiful silver color with black markings. He is almost 2 years old now and we are looking forward to a beautiful fleece next week!!! He is very close in markings and such with our Claire sheep. I also think Claire might have a little crush on Angus? (Angus is left picture, Claire right)

He is a sweet fellow and so far happy happy! 

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2017 update !
Angus is a little sad right now. We had to put his Claire sheep to sleep earlier this summer. She lost too many teeth, because of that could not keep weight on properly. We miss her like crazy. He still keeps close to his Shetland family though. They've been helping cheer him up. He hangs around the most with Rose now. He's feeling better lately, did you know sheep grieve just like people do? 

Found another picture of Angus from last winter- love his face markings!! Sweet sheep!

Found another picture of Angus from last winter- love his face markings!! Sweet sheep!

Shetland sheep are listed as 'recovering status' at the Livestock Conservancy. Read more...


We are having quite a humid, hot and rainy summer- the weather in this country has been crazy for everyone.. It is hard on the sheep because they stay where they are cool and don't get as much exercise. Lucky for Angus he is a fit and trim fellow! He's one of the first sheep out of the barn at dawn and at dusk to roam the pastures. Lots of nice green grass out there! He's also one of the first to start up Shetland shenanigans. Tag, hide and seek then jumping in and out of their 'secret' barn window! (They are just so sly!)

Pixel & Pixie!

August 2019

Pixie’s fleece!


July 2019
Well of course this is what sheep do when they are too warm! Sleep in the mineral tank??? Oh my goodness Waffles!


June 2019

Another shearing day has come and gone! Pixie has developed some arthritis in her shoulder but is getting along fine. Her fleece has changed a little again this year. Lighter gray but still the areas of dark brown. Light colors on the end of the locks. Just means she’s been out in the sunshine enjoying life without a coat! I always keep a bit of her wool for myself (oink) and there will be roving available from her soon. In the meantime you can find her unwashed wool here…. Soon!


Pixie and Pixel were surprise twins given to us by our Snowy sheep after she retired here from the McNair flock a few years ago! Two little black lambs were running around in the barn waiting for us that year- on shearing day?! What a day to make an entrance! 

Snowy was a wonderful mama and the babies grew into beautiful almost black Romney sheep. They are still the sweetest little family and all three love treats, walks and romping in the pasture with the Shetland sheep! 

On his own Pixel loves company. If Pixie comes around, she convinces him to run out of reach with her? Guess he is pretty easy going! He loves his treats, Pixie and mom Snowy. 

Pixel's fleece is more silvery now, a dark dark brown with striking silvery threads through out his curly crimp. His locks average around 6 inches long- silky, next to the skin soft soft soft! 

Pixie is a little wild girl (although not so little any more) who likes to get up close to see what we are up to when we are fixing fence, etc. She also thinks we can't see her? If we don't look at her she will stay around the entire time. Look over your shoulder at her and if she catches you looking, she's off to the races. As far away as she can get. Just in CASE we want to grab her up? She's so funny! She usually ends up with about 10 more sheep running behind her. They don't really know what the 'danger' is but they love a good chase!

2017 update: Pixel is busy growing a crazy, marshmallow fleece! He and Pixie look like big puffballs out in the pasture. His Romney locks have such a pretty curl to them. More wavy, defined than an actual curl but perfect anyway for tailspinning, weaving, felting or anything else you can think of...

This is an example of how Pixel's silver fleece looks all dyed up!

This is an example of how Pixel's silver fleece looks all dyed up!


Pixel is trucking right along! He is SUCH a silly sheep. He always looks so surprised? Maybe he needs glasses? ha! His fleece is much more gray now and seems the locks are longer each shearing? This year they were 6 inches long. We did shear a month later though, guess that explains it! 

He still hangs around most with his sister Pixie but he also loves to be around Jerome and Gilbert. They are a little quieter and content to just 'be.' 

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Say Whaat?

Say Whaat?

August 2018

Pixie is such a silly sheep. She's one of only a few of our Romney sheep left. I sure miss retiring sheep from the McNair flock! They sold the sheep when their kidlits went off to college so they could travel the world. 

Pixel (her twin brother) is always playing tricks on her. Boys! Pixie usually gets the best of him though. She's much more sly than he is! 

Here is a picture of Pixel’s fleece all washed, floofed and ready to be spun into our trademark Lash Yarn! Ooh la la!


November 2018

Pixie is her happy, curvy self! She is excited about Thanksgiving parties. I’m not sure what the sheep have up their sleeves? Usually they spend the day eating carrot cake and decorating for Christmas. They are quite, shall we say, creative?

They don’t like my rules about pretty lights. I have a thing about fire so lights stay on the trees outside. Nothing allowed in the barn! I’m such a party pooper.

Sledding is anxiously awaited too. So far only a dusting of snow here in southern WI. I hope we have a traditional snowy winter. No ICE! Otherwise we are just working on getting everyone where they stay in winter. Nice cozy barns make for happy sheep!

This is a picture from summer of Pixie (top); Devlyn (middle) and Pippy (bottom).



June 2019

Sweet old Apollo is starting to show his age. However, he is still on the move, just a little slower now. He’s had his haircut for summer so plenty of time out in the pasture sunning and visiting his pals. I love his face. The big roman nosed sheep have always been a favorite ‘look’ to me. His eyes are so wise. An old soul looking back at me from them!

Apollo was a cute, sick little lamb when he arrived some years ago. He proved us wrong for doubting his toughness, got well and today is a big happy boy! His best friend is Baker- and he loves a good hug, fruit loops and his buddies. 

He is a very stately North Country Cheviot sheep. He looks so regal and elegant. His fleece is medium soft, bouncy and features 4+ inch locks. It always washes up snowy white too! He is a very busy sheep, always out checking on his friends and looking for the best spot to take a nap.

2017 update: Apollo is still his impressive self. Very regal, stoic and elegant. He's very ready for winter already, I am always amazed he can even walk with that giant fleece. On shearing day he goes leaping off the shearing board like a little (well, big) lamb. I wish I could lose weight that easily right? Ha! 

Washed wool from Apollo's fleece!

Washed wool from Apollo's fleece!


Apollo is an elderly fellow now- we like to call him retired. Don't tell him I told you that though. He still has the cutest nose, wrinkles and so soft. He's had a few health issues over the past two years. Each year he's managed to overcome them though. He's one tough fellow! 

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June 2019

Sheldon is galloping happily through life as always! The pastures are green and he is quite round. As a sheep should be! I can always tell when he is talking to me. His voice is such a deep one and quite booming compared to the other sheep.

He had me spin his beautiful curls into our flagship lash yarn. It will be available on the website shortly so keep an eye out ok? He will have natural white locks and is dyeing locks for me to spin too. Giddyup! There is plenty of yarn available in the meantime. This is where you will find his yarn…. lash yarn…. handspun yarn

This sweet sheep is Sheldon, a white Wensleydale sheep we adopted from the famous McNair flock! He and his twin Moon Pie's mom passed away after she had them. Of course Ruth did not have to twist my arm so I would take them in right? ha! 

It was cold when they came into the world so they spent a few weeks living on our back porch. Once it was warm enough they started spending days in the back yard. Their favorite place to hide out was under the back steps. They thought they were so sly! They are all grown up now, still very close and never far from each other, and their 'brother' Puzzle who also arrived the same week. 

Sheldon is a silly, clumsy sheep who really is happy happy! Always wondering who is having more fun some place other than where he is. 

His fleece is soft as silk and the locks from his first ever fleece were almost 12 inches long. GiddyUP Shelly Bean!


Sheldon is very much his silly self. A big happy lug hanging around with his sister Moon Pie and girlfriend Collette

His fleece is as gorgeous as ever and he really couldn't be a much better sheep. Well, except on shearing day! That is the one day a year he absolutely hates. And unfortunately, keeping control of him is not my idea of fun either. We only have one Wensleydale sheep who behaves himself on shearing day. It is NOT Sheldon. He throws himself over backwards, runs into walls, runs us into walls, runs over us-- all to avoid being caught. Much less sheared. Really? AND he was a bottle lamb so should be quite tame at all times. Harumph! 

We have a wonderful shearer and Ryan is very patient with the sheep. And once Sheldon is handed over to Ryan, all silliness stops. Like ok, gotta get my haircut now. Yup Yup. What a silly sheep! Bronco? hahaha! 

"I don't know WHAT you are talking about!"

"I don't know WHAT you are talking about!"

February 2019


Comfort, Sheldon and one of our barn cats!


August 2019

Jerome washed up his curly locks!


June 2019

Our sweet Jerome is cute as ever! He gave us a beautiful fleece full of silver/gray banana curls. I love shearing day but you probably all know that by now. It’s like Christmas morning seeing how the fleeces change each year.

His fleece has stayed the same, maybe a tiny bit lighter. I generally don’t share much of his fleece but there is some available across the website this year! Don’t miss it! He has me spin most of it into lash yarn!

Jerome’s wool:

Jerome is a young Wensleydale sheep who moved in recently from the famous McNair Romney flock! He is one giant sheep with a heart just as big!

Jerome is a gorgeous sheep with curls that average 8 inches long, are a little shiny and silky soft. Perfect for tail spinning!

His best friends are Carla and Bella so far. He's very sure he doesn't need to live in the barn? Since he arrived our other sheep have decided they don't need to either? That has NEVER happened! OR they all decided I need to take a long walk every day to be sure they are all fine out there? Jerome is a stinker!

Of course he will not take treats from me but he does like grain. Rattle the bucket and he's on the run to muscle in the group. What a smart, silly sheep!

November 2018

Jerome is rambling around as always- just happy and strolling through the daisies of life! His fleece is already 4 inches long. I hope that means no more icy silliness this winter. Snow snow snow!!

He loves all his sheep family but hangs about most with the other Wensleydale sheep. Specially Collette. You can read about her cute self here… And here is a picture of his gal:


February 2019

Jerome is his usual sweet self and gave me a beautiful fleece again. All silvery with different shades of gray and even a little black. Long curls that will be destined to find themselves in my Lash Yarn! He still loves Collette but likes to visit with any of the sheep. Specially if naps are involved!