Comfort's CVM/Romedale roving!

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Comfort's CVM/Romedale roving!

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Comfort arrived with her family of CVM/Romedale sheep when they needed a place to retire. It was a very difficult decision for their owner. We are lucky to have them and adore having another rare breed of sheep in our flock! Read more about Comfort's Family...

The Romedale/CVM sheep are a heritage breed that is on the Livestock Conservancy's list of threatened status sheep in the US
Read more about rare Romedale/CVM sheep...

This is Comfort's first ever shearing- her lamb's fleece. Her wool is soft as Merino with a bit of bounce when spun into yarn. She sent her naturally colored wool to our friend Shari at Morro Fleece Works for carding. Now we have this beautiful pin drafted roving ready to spin, felt or use in any project. 

We got Comfort at a time when I was truly missing sheep we had lost due to their age over the past few years- thus the name. It was hard for her original family but Comfort definitely earns her name. Her cute little face is always nearby when I'm outside- and she's so silly! 

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