Bella & Jerome Roving!

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Bella & Jerome Roving!

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Jerome is a sweet sweet Wensleydale sheep we purchased from the famous McNair Romney flock. Ooh la la! He is such a gentleman and what a deep rumbly voice he has! One can certainly pick him out in a crowd! Read more about Jerome...

He sent his shiny silvery gray fleece to Shari for carding. He wanted to show off the shades of natural color in his wool. With this batch he sent along some of Bella's wool. She dyed it up all pretty and fun! 

He's very proud of his fleece- and should be! This is pin drafted (coiled) roving that is easy to spin. The two colors are carded side by side. You could also felt or dye this roving. He has another roving offer too- have a look around! 

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