Greer and Catriona!

August 2019

Pretty fleeces from Greer and Catriona!

Catriona’s Blue Faced Leicester cross (Mule sheep)

Catriona’s Blue Faced Leicester cross (Mule sheep)

Greer’s Scottish Black Face wool- all washed up!

Greer’s Scottish Black Face wool- all washed up!

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It’s so amazingly fun to be a retirement farm for sheep! The animals here just take my breath away every day.

Our latest retirees are from our friends Graham & Margaret’s flock. You can read more about their place here- they have an awesome bed and breakfast with pastures full of sheeps!)

Greer is a Scottish Blackface and Catriona is a Mule sheep (Bluefaced Leicester cross). Both are hardy sheep and have been a blessing for our flock in many ways. Beautiful fleeces AND they are very active. Making use of the entire pasture gets our sheep out and about much more. Follow the leader! ha! I’ll post more info soon! Meanwhile here they are-


November 2018

Our girls are fitting into the flock quite well. They are very independent and have been a great influence on our flock. Wandering through the days waaaay out in the big pasture, napping in the sun on the hillside and checking in at bed time to sleep outside instead of in the barn. For now anyway.

Scottish Blackface Sheep wool is used almost exclusively for Harris Tweed products. You can read more about them here…

They have quite a versatile fleece that is coarse but features scrumptious long curls. Personally I love to add SBF wool to softer wool for very sturdy socks and mittens. It is similar to adding Flax to wool. It is very low lanolin content so quite easy to wash. The locks are perfect for Santa Beards and doll hair. They also felt easily and soak up dye like a sponge.


February 2019