October 2019

Love the difference in length of the fiber in her spots!


June 2019

Pipi and her friends had their haircuts in April and the weather has been humid since. So glad they are all ready for it! She is one of our senior citizens now but is spunky like Jacobs always are. She has a little arthritis in her spin at the base of her neck. Her ‘withers’ (like a horse has where the saddle sits?) are probably the culprit. She was born with a deformity in that area but it has not bothered her much til the past few years. Will start her on arthritis supplements and see how she does. She’s a very sweet old girl!

Pipi is a wonderful, sassy Jacob sheep we adopted from friends as a lamb. She was the smallest baby on the place til Sunshine and Mario made it on the scene. Pippy is a lilac color that is gorgeous and she loves to play with the other Jacob and Shetland sheep. She is very adventurous and loves to jump and hop about--oh, and apple treats for sure! 

Pipi's wool is soft with a lean to medium. Her fleece is lilac colored with locks 3 inches long with variations in color and spots. Too cool! 

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Her best friends are Jonte, Sunshine and Mario. They spend time outsmarting us when we try to catch them for health checks or foot trims. One window in the barn is broken so all four will jump in and out the window to avoid us. Stinkers to be sure. Typical Shetland and Jacob sheep! 

August 2018

Pipi is such a cute little peanut! Always there to check pockets for Fruit Loops but not into hugs. When I sit out in the pasture, she is always there to listen while I read books to them. They love detective novels or history. Specially about Abraham Lincoln and Nicolo Paganini. She keeps company with her Jonte- another Jacob in our little flock. Read more about Jonte...