Meet Morgan, our special little Tunis sheep! She was a birthday present from my husband. I had been looking and looking for a Tunis to add to our flock. They are considered a rare breed and because they are just re-gaining their popularity, they are difficult to find in our area. 

Tunis sheep are born red and fade as they age into a beautiful cinnamon colored fleece, while keeping the red face and legs. Tunis sheep were very popular prior to the Civil War--their wool was used for both north and south uniforms. Unfortunately not many of these pretty sheep survived the war.... 

Morgan's best friends are Mario & Sunshine- two little black Shetland sheep. We adore our Morgan sheep! 

2015 Update! Morgan is a teenager now and has settled down over time to enjoy Fruit Loops and even vanilla wafers. She's more into napping in the breeze in the shade than getting into trouble with the Shetland sheep. It doesn't matter HOW old those Shetlands get, they are stinkers and into kerfuffles all the time!

2017 Update coming soon!