Jerome is a young Wensleydale sheep who moved in recently from the famous McNair Romney flock! He is one giant sheep with a heart just as big!

Jerome is a gorgeous sheep with curls that average 8 inches long, are a little shiny and silky soft. Perfect for tail spinning!

His best friends are Carla and Bella so far. He's very sure he doesn't need to live in the barn? Since he arrived our other sheep have decided they don't need to either? That has NEVER happened! OR they all decided I need to take a long walk every day to be sure they are all fine out there? Jerome is a stinker!

Of course he will not take treats from me but he does like grain. Rattle the bucket and he's on the run to muscle in the group. What a smart, silly sheep!

November 2018

Jerome is rambling around as always- just happy and strolling through the daisies of life! His fleece is already 4 inches long. I hope that means no more icy silliness this winter. Snow snow snow!!

He loves all his sheep family but hangs about most with the other Wensleydale sheep. Specially Collette. You can read about her cute self hereā€¦ And here is a picture of his gal: