I tell you, my hubby Jim is a wonderful fellow- and shopper! Fender was one of five lambs he gave me for Christmas some years back! 

He is a wonderful, sweet boy with a fantastic, gigantic fleece! His fleece leans toward a chocolate brown now with cinnamon tips from the sun. I think the faded tips on our fleeces represent some very happy sheep who get to romp on pastures and just be sheep! 

He is still a little shy compared to most of our sheep but as long as he is happy that is the name of the game! 

His favorite of his little family is Bender. They look like twins and are hard to tell apart after they are sheared! They romp and play and as they've gotten older a nap is their favorite. (I know how THAT goes!). (Sheesh! We need to pin Fender down and update that photo!)