August 2019

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Ooh la la Chaquita Llama!

Ooh la la Chaquita Llama!


Chaquita is a funny llama, she arrived to retire here from a good friend of ours. She was always busy spitting at them and generally being an ingrate. She came here and we gave her a job watching over some sheep. Since then, she has been much more polite, but if you hear her working on something- DUCK! she has some deadly aim! 

Chaquita lives with our little herd of llamas now. She used to watch over our small group of special needs sheep. However, her best friend (boy friend?) Max convinced her to jump the fence to live with the llamas? Stinkers. She's been happy there ever since. Never far from Max and sassy as ever. 

Chaquita's fleece is soft and pretty. White with some brown spots here and there. I love the little spot on her face. She is older now and her hair does not grow back as fast so we shear her every other year. She still gets her shots, toenails trimmed and a good looking over when we shear the others though. She has such cute banana ears don't you think? I love her sassy attitude too...

2018 updates:

Ms. Chaquita has decided she likes to be a llama, free to be a llama? She used to watch a few goats we had in the past. She loved them. She tried to put them to bed every night. She thought they should sleep in the cabin. Unfortunately, there are two doors on the cabin. The people door in front and a goatie door on the side. 

She rounded them up at sunlight. Herded them into the front door. She stood in the door to keep them in. Then the goats would zip out of the other door and run around behind her. She really got ticked after about 10 times around! After a while they would do what she wanted them to- but on their terms. Only after dark!