Arthur is a gorgeous fawn colored Shetland sheep who came to live with us when a friend of mine was not longer able to care for him due to health issues. She wanted him to be safe and reunited with his little flock. His best friends are Ingrid and Greta (his sisters) and the rest of his family within the flock is BBram, Garth, Ranier and Claire. They are always together and have fun scampering around, playing tag or king of the hill with the other sheep. 

Arthur spent a little of his early life in a petting zoo so is quite friendly- and very aware of what TREATS are! He loves to be talked to, while you feed him lots and lots of treats! 

He has a very soft fawn colored fleece that has silvery threads here and there. I love to spin the locks into lash yarn and let the natural colors shine. Just like he does! 

2017 update coming soon!