Mary & Joseph's Sheep!

Our good friends Mary & Joseph have a cute flock of happy, much loved sheep, an alpaca, a llama AND Angora bunnies! They live close to us and we've been friends for 15-ish years now. 

They have a group of Shetland sheep of various colors with soft fleeces and unique color variations. 


They also have a Babydoll Southdown ram- who has fathered some pretty lambs. 


His first lamb- now a wether in the flock- 


Several Suffolk cross and Shetland cross sheep- 


Angora Rabbits: 


And a new Bluefaced Leicester lamb! He will be making babies next year. Gorgeous boy! 


We offer their wool and fiber for sale here on the website. Keep an eye out- sales of the raw wool go directly back to Mary to help support her flock!