This Honey Badger Don't Care....

Our days can be SO silly here! Specially if you are talking about our Great Pyrenees dogs. Today I went outside looking for Fletcher aka Puppy. He didn't come back into the house when I called. He was up by the goat's 'cabin'. He wiggled through the gate and couldn't get back out.  Pretty picture though right? 


Then things started to make sense. Puppy would not look me in the eye as I walked up to him. 


The picture of a dog feeling SORT of guilty. Then quite proud of his work. 


We use shredded paper for bedding in the goat's cabin. I set it inside the cabin so when I cleaned it out this weekend, the bedding would be there. The dogs are not able to get into that area so should have been a safe bet. They also LOVE a good wrestling with anything they think needs opening. Boxes, bags or anything else they get their paws on. Thus, bedding of the courtyard outside instead of inside the cabin. Really Fletcher? 

He took care of business- THIS honey badger don't care! 


(I'm also quite sure there were two other Pyrs in on the action- they managed to get back on their own- ditching their cohort to take all the blame!)